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Doesn’t every business owner wish they could afford billboard advertising? A vinyl vehicle wrap is the answer.

Wrapping a vehicle allows you to maximise your advertising potential and rapidly build brand awareness. A wrapped vehicle grabs attention 24 hours a day. It promotes your business when you’re parked, when you’re on the move, where ever you are.

Easily Removed

 If your company image needs updating or your vehicles need to change vinyl wrapping is easily removed. A vehicle wrap provides the added bonus of protecting your vehicles paintwork from stone chips and minor abrasions caused through general wear and tear of everyday driving.

Great Designs

 CSC Window Tinting can help you use your vehicle for advertising or simply putting a little of your personality into your vehicle.
A wrap can be used to give your car and easy facelift. You might want to change the colour of your vehicle. Gloss, metallic, fluorescent, matte and chrome vinyls are readily available.

We can use a wrap to highlight particular trims or add some special effects. A little carbon fibre or maybe a matte colour or some chrome to certain panels or perhaps you’d like to design something uniquely your own.


We pride ourselves on the professionalism, service and workmanship we provide to each job. We strive for total customer satisfaction as positive customer referral is our ultimate goal.